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  • Steven Wade

    Steven Wade

    Independent Kubernetes Consultant & Trainer.

  • Vickie Li

    Vickie Li

    Professional investigator of nerdy stuff. Hacks and secures. Creates god awful infographics.

  • Will Schroeder

    Will Schroeder

    Researcher @SpecterOps . Coding towards chaotic good while living on the decision boundary.

  • Mark Burnett

    Mark Burnett

    IT security analyst and author working in application security, passwords, authentication, and identity. Based in South Weber, Utah

  • Quite Interesting Ltd.

    Quite Interesting Ltd.

    The company behind QI, No Such Thing As A Fish, No Such Thing As The News, The Museum of Curiosity, multiple bestselling books, apps and much more.

  • thaddeus t. grugq

    thaddeus t. grugq

    Information Security Researcher :: :: ::

  • Security Humor

    Security Humor

    Award-winning Infosec Stand-up Philosopher.

  • Ethan Siegel

    Ethan Siegel

    The Universe is: Expanding, cooling, and dark. It starts with a bang! #Cosmology Science writer, astrophysicist, science communicator & NASA columnist.

  • Robert M. Lee

    Robert M. Lee

    AF Cyber Warfare Ops Officer | PhD candidate @KingsCollegeLon | Co-Founder @DragosSecurity | SANS ICS 515 author | Lecturer @UticaCollege | SCADA and Me author

  • George V. Hulme

    George V. Hulme

    Writer • IT security • Cloud Computing • Technology • Science • Markets • Student of Health & Fitness • ENFP

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